SONY BETACAM with QUADRIGA•Video media processing system

Digital archiving installation for Betacam videotape based on Cube-Tec’s QUADRIGA•Video migration solution.

QUADRIGA•Video supports one to four simultaneous parallel ingest streams, capturing from any combination of analog or digital video machines from the SONY DVW, MSW, DNW or BVW series.

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Our configurable Betacam QUADRIGA•Video installations can be equipped with:

  • Any VTR from the Betacam family
  • Machine control
  • CRT and LCD video monitors
  • Headphone and audio monitors
  • RTI videotape cleaners
  • Oven for reconditioning sticky tapes
  • Test and calibration tapes
  • AV and Network switches



QUADRIGAVideo is a migration workstation designed for the quality-controlled transfer of videotapes into archive files on a large-scale.
For best efficiency QUADRIGAVideo supports simultaneous, parallel capturing from video playback machines in any combination.

The QUADRIGA Machine Control hardware optimizes operational procedures by handling remote control, VTR status monitoring and device diagnostics.

Small setups are equipped with up to 4 VTR’s. Larger installations are scalable to any number of machines. A typical Betacam setup is configured with 8 VTR’s and controlled by one operator.

Visit the Cube-Tec website for more information on QUADRIGA•Video.

    Product: SONY BETACAM with QUADRIGA•Video media processing system