Typically, Broadcasters are technology centered organizations. Historically, your technical staff was very experienced in handling and processing legacy tape formats. You could therefore easily think your organisation should be in a good position to in-source a digitization project.

But after researching the pros and cons in designing, setting up and maintaining an in-sourced solution it quickly becomes apparent that the number and variety of challenges you need to face can be overwhelming. To name only a few,

  • How to calculate the budget
  • HR may think it’s a great idea, but the responsible PM does not
  • The reproduce equipment may not be available any more (where to find?)
  • Repairs and maintenance of the equipment during project cannot be guaranteed
  • Technical staff may not be suited being placed in a tape operator role (with related targets)

NextArchive enables you to preserve and unlock your heritage tape collections as fully managed service or a rental model:

  • Turn-key solution (on-site or of-site), let us do the work for you, including indexing, cataloguing, cleanup of existing metadata, repair/clean/ingest/QC, and all the way up to conforming the files for export to your MAM solution.
  • Or following the rental model, our team will set up and install the equipment at your location with integrated software, onboard your staff and supply all repairs and maintenance to keep your operation move forward.