Repair at component level, spare parts and replacement units

Let us do the hard work, we’ll always have your back


Sourcing legacy audiovisual reproducers can be a daunting task. Finding a professional repair service that keeps your recorders going throughout the entire project will be your next challenge. And what about the total cost of ownership? Audiovisual legacy equipment is prone to malfunction and becoming obsolete, whilst obtaining parts is usually impossible to achieve. These things can become a major concern and distract you from your ultimate goal: preserve and share your collections with your stakeholders and audience.

Let us be your solution. Throughout your entire project we provide you with peace of mind. We spent the last 25 years building an ever-growing bank of audiovisual equipment and spare parts, our solution come with spare machines and all costs for parts and labor included. No more worries how to get that repairman back out of retirement, or suffer production downtime due to broken machines. We’ll always have your back.

Your valuable assets cannot be put at risk. All our machinery is fully refurbished and calibrated to factory setting. Mechanical parts, like the tape threading and guide rollers must preform flawless at any time. As for the electronic components, our repair service only replaces the components deemed strictly necessary, respecting the original characteristics of the reproducers.

“We didn’t want to be in the business of scrape together old magnetic tape machines. We wanted to worry about digitizing and enriching audiovisual media and be great at what we’re great at. That’s what NextArchive empowers us to do.

Project manager at Service Provider