Does your company only lease equipment?

Full lease is are main focus area, but we do also sell equipment. Selling machines from our stock, maintaining them during your project and buying thee equipment back at the end of your project, is another solution.

You can also commission us to source legacy equipment or spare parts.
Contact us if you have a special request.

Does NextArchive offer digitization services?

Yes, we do.

  1. We offer such services – at limited scale – in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  2. Through our partner network in various countries
  3. On-site at your premises/facility, using your staff or staff provided by a local company that we’ll team up with.

Can you offer a repurchase program?

Yes, we can.

Organizations not in a (formal) position to rent the equipment (e.g. publicly funded organizations) can be offered equipment for sale through a buyback agreement.
After you finish using the equipment for your project (a date must be determined) we’ll repurchase the machines at a fixed price.

Besides the procurement of the machines, we can train your staff in the use of the machines and best practices in tape handling and processing.

Lastly, we can offer a service contract that includes repairs and making replacement machines available when needed.

What is the minimum duration for equipment leasing?

It depends on the type of machine you are looking for. To give an example, making some SONY HDV-format VTR’s available for a few months only, is no problem as they are compact and light weight.

But moving a 500Kg and complicated to maintain AMPEX AVR-3 2-inch quad for less than a year does not really make sense.

Is there a minimum and maximum time I can lease equipment for?

Minimum yes, see previous question. Maximum no. We aim to support organizations with their mass tape migration projects. Such projects can take as long as 5 or even 10 years.

What if your machines break down during our operations?

NextArchive is responsible for the proper functioning of any equipment you will use from us. If  a machine breaks down during operation, we’ll have you covered in various way.

Our solutions depart from accepting the fact that every piece of legacy equipment will break down at some point sooner or later, no matter how good their condition at the start of the project.

We cover your back by providing you with more machines than actually needed for ingesting your tapes. Assume you need eight SONY VO-9850P recorders, we’ll provide you with ten or even twelve units.

Whenever a reproducer becomes faulty, you can simply replace it with one of the replacement machine. As we use an (shared) asset management tool to communicate with your tech team, we are able to monitor the number of defective machines and will take appropriate action; by sending in our local repairman, collect the broken machines for off-site repair, or supply more replacement machines to buy more time.

Your operation and business continuity matter to us just as much as it does to you.

Can you install the equipment at our location?

Yes, we can.

Our team needs training and technical support for our BCN51 VTR 1 inch, can you help?

Yes, we can.

Can you train our staff in the repair and handling of 1/4” audiotape?

Yes, we can.

Do you offer repair service for RTI tape cleaning machines, such as the VT3100?

Yes, we do.

The service can be provide by our in-house technician in the Netherlands, or through very experienced repairman in the EU or US.

We are looking for someone in the UAE to service our AVR3 and Digital Betacam decks, please advice.

Most likely we will be able to support you in this matter. Please contact us directly to further discuss your needs.

We plan to do the ingest with our own staff and equipment. Can you maintain & repair our equipment?

Yes, we can.

We propose to put all of your equipment in our database, so we can help you manage your assets. Also, we can supply you with a number of replacement machines you can use while your own equipment is being serviced.

We are clearing our studio’s and editing suites, can you help us clean our facility?

Yes, we can.

  • Asset purchase outright
  • Brokering services including valuation
  • Complete studio and facility de-rig/removal, including full area cleaning.