Equipment management & Ticketing system

Maintaining AV-equipment used in digital preservation projects is critical to reduce the risk of damaging tapes, while getting the best playback quality.
Stakeholders in archiving projects acknowledge that the concept of end-to-end Quality Control starts with the deployment of well-maintained equipment.
Archiving projects require ongoing maintenance with protocols to manage the process.

To facilitate such processes, NextArchive developed a unique equipment management system fully dedicated to legacy VTR’s.
We offer the database and ticketing system as a service,. You can import your own equipment inventory, or have us include any items leased or purchased from us.
Once the assets are catalogued, your team can now manage the operation independently, unloading work from your shoulders.

Key features of the Equipment database

  • Protected with account name and password
  • Search and find assets in seconds, using the FileMaker Go app (iPad) or a Web browser (Web Direct)
  • Ticketing system, report technical problems, call for (urgent) technical support
  • Mark status of the Asset: Tested Yes/No, Good/Bad, In production, In service, etc.
  • Build a log on repair work and parts replacement as you go
  • UI in English, French and German.


  • Enhanced confidence, overview of all equipment, their condition and status
  • Communicate and report technical issues through one single channel only
  • Check availability and number of verified working machines, including their latest logged location
  • Cost saving by engaging lower cost staff to deal with technical issues and repairs
  • Lower downtime, receive replacement equipment (swapping units) while broken unit is being repaired
  • Easily activate first-line technical support to your Production team
  • Centralized location of the FileMaker database, professionally hosted with daily back-up
  • Accessibility to database from any location.

Example 1

Clicking on the green or red bullet brings up a new screen and allow users to report and describe a technical issue.
Once repaired, the technician will add details of the repair work and update the status of the item  from “in service” to “repaired”.
The invoice for repair can be uploaded in PDF format.

Example 2

Overview page, listing items with reported technical issues.
The problem list is used by the service engineers, that with one glance learn about technical issues, including the urgency  for repair.