RTI cleaner for 1-inch videotape – 6120 CL

1 inch magnetic videotape cleaner and evaluator
Process any 1″ format, such as A-format, B, C, IVC, etc.

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RTI cleaner and evaluator for 1-inch videotape

The TapeChek 6120 quickly separates good tape from bad. It eliminates guesswork when selecting the best tape to use.
All magnetic videotape is susceptible to dropouts, loose oxide, wrinkles and end damage.
Finding these problems is just one way the TapeChek 6120 can help you.
TapeCheck is the most cost effective way to evaluate, clean and condition your tapes.

Provides six important quality control functions:

  1. Cleans tape to reduce temporary dropouts caused by loose oxide and dirt
  2. Inspects for physical tape damage
  3. Polishes tape for improved signal-to-noise ratio
  4. Evaluates videotape for magnetic dropouts
  5. Conditions and exercises tape for improved performance
  6. Good tape reduces wear on the video heads and keeps VTR’s clean!


Videotape cleaner for following 1-inch formats:

  • AMPEX 1-inch A-format
  • Bosch BCN 1-inch B-format
  • SONY and AMPEX 1-inch C-format
  • 1-inch IVC and other
  • The magnetic tape layer can either be inside or outside

Please visit our YouTube channel to see a video of the RTI cleaner for 1-inch videotape in action.

More information on videotape cleaning:

Melanie Miller and Ann Harris, 11/12/2015

No specific standards exist for the cleaning of videotape. There are, however, specific and limited instances when videotape is cleaned, yet it is not a normal process to which a tape should be consistently subjected. The exceptions are when the tapes are going through binder hydrolysis or when the tape simply has too many foreign particles clinging to its’ surface. There are several different processes by which a videotape can and should be cleaned, and all can be situationally appropriate, depending on the tape’s symptoms. A trained technician can determine when to use any of these techniques; this paper will try to detail the more popular methods of videotape cleaning within the archival community and explain the pros and cons of each.

Videotape was never manufactured with any sort of longevity in mind. The rapid decay of videotape was first noted in the 1970s and hasn’t gotten dramatically better since. Digital Betacam is the only popular format that can be ranked as ‘low risk’ for deterioration that was readily manufactured. This problem lies in videotape’s composition. Generally, videotape is made up of three layers: the back coat, the base and the binder/magnetic layer…..

Continue reading? Download the full paper on following link.

    Product: RTI cleaner for 1-inch videotape - 6120 CL