If you know what installation you need to process and reformat your audiovisual collection and you have an enthusiastic team ready to learn processing analogue media carriers, the PRO+ package is your best choice.

The PRO+ package provides you with a turn-key media processing installation, delivered and setup at your location, training programs to onboard your staff and much more.

The PRO+ package includes:

  • Full media processing installation
  • AD converters, tape cleaners, scopes, TBC’s, workstations, software etc.
  • Setup & integration
  • Repairs and spare parts, software updates
  • Spare machines
  • Training programs (online and offline)
  • Uninterrupted technical support


  • Start as soon as three weeks from today
  • Delivered and installed at your location
  • Most comprehensive rental option
  • Fixed rental price, based on the processed # of tapes/films/hours
  • Use your own staff
  • Digitize at your own pace

In the Products section you’ll find the wide range of NextArchive’s processing installations and legacy equipment.

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