Are you looking for a full service and turn-key solution, our PREMIUM solution is your best choice.
The operation will be managed  by our expert team using media processing installations designed specifically to best process your collection.

Our PREMIUM solution includes:

  • Processing of your collection(s) as a full service
  • Comprehensive, turn-key media processing installation(s)
  • Metadata processing
  • Quality Management
  • Operational and managerial staff
  • Use of a local company


  • Outsource the project on your premise*
  • Higher visibility and flexibility, compared to externally outsourced project
  • Better process balance, indexing, logistics
  • Shorter communication lines
  • NextArchive teams up with (your) local partner
  • Digitize at your pace
  • Contract a local, rather then foreign company

* The ingest factory can also be installed at our local partner location.

In the Product section you’ll find the wide range of magnetic tape and optical media formats NextArchive can handle and process.

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