Proof of concept

Are you eager to start your project and use our services?

That is a wonderful thing, but not always the best to do. Usually digital preservation projects of legacy media assets require a great deal of preparation. Think of things like prioritizing collections, collect and clean metadata, remove duplicates, research the physical condition of the assets, create inventory lists, build a team of operators and managers, onboard your IT team, intergrate the media processing installation in your infrastructure and so on.

Introducing a Proof Of Concept phase to validate the technical and financial feasibility is a smart thing to do. Our flexible and scalable services are perfect to support you during this process. We can start with a small setup and scale-up following your advancements.

  1. Identify specific business cases and expectations for the new service
  2. Know your current performance baselines
  3. Set your performance goals
  4. Run the POC project
  5. Track the metrics
  6. Present the results to your project stakeholders
  7. Set your investment levels
  8. Transition the POC to the active projects list