U-matic – 8-line ingest installation

Digital archiving installation to process SONY U-matic videocassettes.

Custom configurable to meet your requirements.

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TV standard

Video format

Parallel digitisation setup for mass processing of U-matic videocassettes.
Ingest up to 75 hours of tape per diem.

Configurable installation equipped with:

  • SONY U-matic Type-9 VTR’s, remote controllable
  • Original SONY BVT-series line-TBC’s with advanced sync
  • AD converters (Aja, Evertz, Ensemble-Designs)
  • Workstations including ingest software
  • CRT and LCD video monitors
  • Headphone and stereo audio monitors
  • RTI VT 3100 videotape cleaning machine
  • Oven to recondition sticky tapes
  • Waveform and Vector Scopes, including test tapes
  • SDI and Network switches

    Product: U-matic - 8-line ingest installation