Pathe 9,5 Film viewer

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Zeiss Ikon Moviscope Film viewer for Pathe 9,5 mm film

Our senior mechanic, with a reputation building and modifying movie equipment re-engineered a 16mm Moviscop viewer to a Pathe 9,5mm Archival film viewer.

The optical path and mechanical parts were modified and build with great precision. The 9,5mm film is perfectly aligned with the guide rollers and gate, the film rewinds and its reel adapters.

Included in set:

  1. Film viewer
  2. Rewinds on wooden panel
  3. Adapter for 3-hole Pathe reels
  4. Adapter for 8mm EUMIG reel
  5. Modern power cable connector with ground wire

The film viewer is available for rent and sale. (unlimited supply)

We can also modify your own Moviscop 16mm viewer to 9.5mm.



Available in 117 VAC 60 Hz and 230 VAC 50 Hz version.

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